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Project Overview— Get everything you need at a single glance with our Project Overview page. The Overview functions as your project home page, allowing you to review your calendar, read recently uploaded documents, view overdue tasks, send messages and see recent project visitors. You’ll see all of the important project details on one simple page.

Task Management— The nuts and bolts of your project are organized here on one simple chart that allows you to assign tasks to team members, set start and end dates, designate priority level, and check the status of the project as it progresses. Our special Activities and Document options enable you to relate activities and documents to each task in your project.

Milestones—To see your project’s big picture, check out the Milestones page. With our Milestones feature, you can identify and review key accomplishments in a project’s development. Project360 also allows you to relate individual tasks to their respective milestones, ensuring greater consistency and coordination.

Calendar— The calendar is a cornerstone of Project360’s simplicity and utility. One look at your calendar and you’ll know which tasks are due, which are overdue, and what meetings are scheduled. Check daily, weekly, monthly or even go forward several months to see what’s in store. And the best part? Data entered on other pages gets automatically placed on your calendar so you’ll always be up-to-date.

File Sharing
—Share documents with colleagues and clients without relying on email to send and store them. In our Document center, you can upload, download, and keep track of all files related to your project.

Time Tracking
—Keep track of the time spent on a project by time period, team member, and task with our Time Tracking feature. You can use this information for billing clients, paying employees, or estimating time and costs. The final report can be printed and/or exported to a CVS/Excel file directly from the Time Tracking page.

Gantt Chart—The Gantt Chart gives you a visual representation of your project timeline. It illustrates the start and end dates of the various elements involved in each project to provide a graphic summary of your schedule.
Project Templates—This time-saving feature allows you to create projects based on already existing projects. Once you’ve created a project for one purpose or client, you can simply select “Convert to Template” and your project information (including tasks and categories) will be automatically saved as a template, enabling you to create further similar projects with ease.
General Project Calendar—This feature allows you to see all of your projects in a single calendar. It’s perfect for the administrator or manager who is involved in various projects at once and who wants a global view of all of his/her projects.


Workgroups—Our Workgroups feature makes communicating and coordinating with team members easy. Send messages to the entire workgroup, get contact details for individuals, or assign tasks to specific people. You can even upload photos of group members so you know a bit more about who you are working with.

Meetings—Plan a conference call, check the time and place of a scheduled meeting, or review related documents from the Meetings page. All meetings entered on this page will be automatically transferred to your calendar.

Message Center—Review and send messages without leaving the project center. The Messages page allows you to communicate with everyone in your workgroup or to send a message to just one person.

Idea Center—The Idea Center is a discussion board designed for the exchange of ideas between team members. It’s a great place for people to log ideas for later discussion, to ask questions or report problems for solution, or to hammer out the details of a concept before formalizing it in Project360. For simplicity and organization, messages in the Idea Center can be tagged with one of the following labels: Ideas, Questions, Problems.


Reports—Project360’s Reports feature allows you to get the information you need in the format you want. Whether you are viewing tasks or calculating time spent on a project, you can organize and order information according to your individual needs. Sort by project, team member, priority level, date or a variety of other criteria. The resulting page can then be printed or exported to an Excel file with the touch of a button.

—Make Project360 your own with a quick visit to the Settings page. Here, you can select your preferred time and date formats, sort the order and format of tasks that appear on your Tasks page, even designate which page you want to appear when you sign in.

PDA Compatibility
—Project360 is one of the few project management software products on the market that is designed not only to work on your desktop or laptop, but also on your PDA. If you have Web access on your PDA or cell phone, you can also access Project360.

Online Help—Project360 has a convenient online Help feature that offers clear, easy-to-understand answers to your most common questions. Our technical staff is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about using Project360.

Account Center
—Change plans, review your account details, revise company contact information, or get in touch with our billing department from the account center page.

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